Picture framing tools on any budget.

You can accumulate enough picture framing tools, supplies, gadgets, and fun doodads to fill an entire workshop.

Like any hobby you need tools to get the job done.

Making picture frames is no different.

To be honest though, you can make beautiful picture frames with the most basic of tools and supplies.

Remember when you were a kid and made frames with Popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue??!!

Since you're reading about making picture frames I'm going to assume that you have some basic tools to get you started.

I will throw in a few items, however,  in the event that you truly are starting from scratch.

Picture Framing Tools: The 4 Groups

1. No tools (yet)

2. Basic picture framing tools

3. Advanced tools

4. Extras (make life easier, but are not required)

Only you know what your budget is and what your goal is when it comes to making picture frames. You may be starting off with just a few basic tools, like I did, with the idea that you will add to your picture framing equipment as you gain experience.

You may have an entire workshop with all of the modern equipment available.

Either way - one thing I have learned, especially when first starting out, is that simple is better. Learning the fundamentals of making picture frames is much more important than the tools you're using.

As the old saying goes "it's the skill of the carpenter, not the tools".

Learning the basics FIRST is the key

So, focus on learning, practicing, and making the most with what you have before you focus on buying more tools.

Get used to planning, measuring, and creating your own process. As you do that you will get more comfortable with what you are doing and more confident with the tools you have.

Naturally, you will progress to more advanced tools. You'll find that you'll WANT (but you'll know you don't NEED) more advanced tools because they will make you more efficient and save time.

Of course, being woodworkers...

... We love tools. We want more tools. We can't have enough tools! Having better tools makes things, um... better.

We can be more creative and pull off some things that you just can't do without them...

...but, keep things in perspective and remember - first things first - learning how to make your own picture frame is the goal.

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Updated November 18, 2022