How to Hang a Picture
It's nothing to get hung up about

How to hang a picture frame - if that is the question...

...the answer is simple - there are many different ways to hang a picture, or a mirror, or a canvas painting for that matter.

The key to it boils down to what you're trying to accomplish and what you're hanging.

Whatever type or size of frame, or how many frames you are trying to hang, you can find info here that will help you do it right. Click on the pics below for more info!

How to Hang a Picture: Simple Hardware

Hanging Hardware


Things to consider before hanging a picture

Picture Wire and D-rings

Simple Hardware

Picture hanging wire, different types of picture hangers, picture framing hooks, D-rings

For a simple frame and a quick install, it's hard to beat the old nail in a wall trick.

For a heavier piece you may need a french cleat or a zbar.

If you have a number of frames and want some flexibility, you may want to look at a picture hanging system. 

Maybe you're unsure of how to group a set of frames or how far above a couch you should hang a painting.

Do you know what the rule of thumb is for proper distance from the floor? Did you even know there is a rule of thumb? (I didn't know there was one when I started!!!)

Heavy and Unique Hanging Hardware 

French Cleat

Heavy Duty Hardware

French cleats, zbars

Unique Hardware

Bricks, glass, no tools

On the surface, it may seem like a simple task, which it really can be, but if you don't take a few minutes to understand what you need or how to do it, or the many choices you have, you could end up feeling a bit off, I mean cockeyed, no, I meant uneven, well, you know what I mean....

If you've taken the time to make a frame yourself or refresh some old frames with new mats you cut yourself or simply went out and bought some new frames with art or pictures already included (I won't judge you haha) take the time to hang them right. 

You'll also look good next time someone asks if you know how to hang a picture frame!

Leave any questions, thoughts, tips or suggestions below!

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Updated November 18, 2022