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Picture hanging hardware is worthy of it's own web site. There are so many options.

It's easy to click and buy the wrong item or over pay because you somehow ended up convinced you needed the strongest of hooks, wires, and brackets for a 5 pound frame!

To help cut through some of the confusion I put together the basics you need  to know about hanging hardware for small and medium sized frames.

As always, follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

Using them the way they were intended will help avoid any unexpected problems later.

All of the items below, and many many more, can be found quickly and easily on Amazon.com

Sawtooth Hangers

You probably have some of these in your kitchen junk drawer. These are great for smaller sized and light weight frames.

It doesn't make a lot sense to use wire and d-rings on small and narrow frames, so just line one of these up on the back of the top rail and carefully nail it into the frame.

There is a little bubble in the middle of the hanger so you can be sure to center it on the mid point of the frame - be sure to measure and mark the frame at the mid-point beforehand.

Tip: use a pair of needle nose pliers or a pair of tweezers to hold the nails in place while hammer them in.

Picture Frame Wire and D-rings

Picture frame wire comes in many strengths and can be used in almost all situations as long as the wire strength is rated for the weight of the frame.

Check the weight of the frame first and then look at the rating on the package so you buy the right type.

To be safe, always buy wire that is rated for at least 20 pounds heavier than what you are hanging. It's nice knowing there is no chance the wire is not strong enough. 

**** You have to be sure that the rest of the hardware you are using is also rated for the weight of the frame! D-rings, hooks and screws that are too flimsy to hold the weight - won't hold it - no matter how strong the wire is****

D-rings make hanging a frame very easy. Simply measure down from the top of the picture frame, 1/3 of the way, and make a mark on each side rail. Measure in from the outside edge of each side rail about half the width of the rail and cross the mark.

That is where you should pre-drill a hole for each D-ring. Use a bit that is smaller than the  accompanying screw to pre-drill your holes. Then simply screw the D-rings to the frame.

Wrap picture wire around the 1st D-ring twice and twist the remaining wire around itself. Repeat the process on the other side leaving just a little bit of slack in the wire.

You are now ready to hang your frame.

Picture Frame Hooks

Just like the wire and the D-rings, picture frame hooks are rated by weight and you need to have the right hook for the weight of the frame. There are simple single hooks and there are also thicker large hooks that come with multiple nail holes to add strength. 

Once again, know the weight of the frame you are hanging and read the packages of the hooks so you make the appropriate choice that works with the wire and D-rings. 

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Updated November 18, 2022