Standard Picture Frame Sizes

Standard picture frame sizes are available everywhere, because, well, they're standard.

The beauty of making your own picture frames is that you can make them any size you want and it allows you to frame odd sized items, but...

...sometimes it's just  easier to use standard picture frames. It may even save you some money.

This is particularly true if you're buying mat board and glass to fit the frames you make.

Pre-cut mats are sold to fit standard picture frame sizes. You'll have to get mat board cut to fit custom sized frames you make. 

The same is true when it comes to glass. Of course you can save money by cutting your own.

     Watch videos of me teaching how to cut your own mats and glass.

Remember what we covered on the Frame Anatomy page: standard sizes refer to the the all important measurement of...

...inside edge to inside edge on the back of the frame.

We'll cover this in detail on the Custom Sizes page, but remember this:

the size of the picture, artwork or document should be your starting point.

The size of the mat and ultimately the frame, glass and backboard build off of that measurement.

If you're framing an 8 x 10 picture and make an 8 x 10 frame, you will have no room for mat board.

You have to make a larger frame, for example, an 11 x 14 frame so you can put a mat around your 8 x 10 picture.

Use these charts as handy guides to help you plan your project.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes in the US and Europe

Standard Picture Frame Sizes in the US
Standard Picture Frame Sizes in Europe

Suggested Border Widths

The suggested border width chart helps you figure out how wide mat borders around your art work should be based on the size of the artwork itself.

Simply add the measurements of 1 vertical and 1 horizontal side of your picture.

For example, with an 11" x 14" picture:

11"+14" = 25"

Find the range that 25" falls into on the chart -which is 25" - 36" - follow the chart to the right column.

Your boarder suggestion is 2" wide. A fast and simple way to figure it out.

Simply add the suggested width, in this case it's 2", to the measurement of all 4 sides of the picture and your overall mat size and frame size becomes 15 x 18.

11 + 2 + 2 = 15

14 + 2 + 2 = 18

Remember, these are just guides and suggestions, be as creative as you like. If YOU like it - you can't go wrong!

Leave any questions, thoughts, tips or suggestions below!

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Updated November 18, 2022