The 'Bomber'

by Pappy

Front of the 'Bomber'

Front of the 'Bomber'

I have a miter sled/jig I call the 'Bomber'that is based on, I think, a Wood magazine design. The legs have T track in them for adjustable stop blocks if the sides of the frame are short enough. Thisis probably the closest I have ever come to following the plans in magazine.

Since I make most of my own framing stock, the rabbets vary to suit the profile and the piece to be framed. I mark the stock with a combination square on the back side at the longest point of the rabbet. Generally I will cut one side and top/bottom piece slightly longer than I need and then trim them to the fit that I want. The final trim cut is done with the stop blocks in place. Using the stop blocks, I cut the other 2 legs to match.

I also have a mini version of the miter sled for use on smaller projects.

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