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Kids Mat-ter 

Have some fun with your kids, or simply have fun yourself!

These kids arts and crafts type kits come complete with everything you see here - stickers, buttons and jewels.

They're assorted and vary by kit.

Most kits are great for either girls or boys, but we can also create girl or boy specific kits - just let us know!

They are $4.99  (plus tax in NY) and $2 for shipping.

5 x 7 Mat Kit Contents

Kids Mat-ter © kits and theme mats are a unique and creative way for your kids to get involved in crafting and a simple way to create something they are proud of!

They make great holiday cards for grandparents, parents and friends!

Tina, the love of my life, and I were trying to think of something a little different that might be fun for kids. We came up with these and tried them out on the kids in our life and realized we had a winner.

We've been to several crafts shows now and the kits have been a hit each time. 

They are a great way to introduce kids to the fun and creativity that kids arts and crafts are all about. The price is right too!!

After you buy a kit or two, show your kids how proud you are of them and make them feel really special by sharing their creations here on the site!!

At the bottom of the page there is an entry form where you can tell your story and upload some pictures!! It's a great way to recognize your kids and give share great ideas!

Kids Mat-ter©  5 x 7 Kits

5 x 7 Mat Kit for Kids -  Yellow and Green
5 x 7 Mat Kit for Kids - Red and Yellow
5 x 7 Mat Kit for kids - Green and Black

Price per Kit
Pick your colors here

Kids Mat-ter©  11 x 14 Theme Mats

Another fun option in our kids arts and crafts catalog is our 11 x 14 theme circle mats.

Shown below, they come in 3 colors: black, red and blue and can be displayed in any direction.

Each mat has 8 openings and can be used to create as many themes as the mind can think of!

While these mats are geared towards kids, these mats are great for adults and rooms throughout the house!

They are $4.99 (plus tax in NY) and $2 for shipping.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

11 x 14 Mat with Circles - Red
11 x 14 - Mat with circles, black
11 x 14 Mat - with circles, blue

  These 11 x 14 mats are just as fun!            Great for framing and hanging in kids'    bedrooms, workshops, offices, club          rooms or just about anywhere! 

   Click on small pictures to enlarge!

                Frame not included.


Are you proud of what your kids created?

Make them feel important by showing off their mats here!

Leave any questions, thoughts, tips or suggestions below!

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